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What Exactly is an Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Regular cleanings at your dentist are a must if you want to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. Here at Comprehensive and Aesthetic Dentistry in Laramie, KY, our dental hygienists offer ultrasonic cleanings to accomplish this task—read on to learn more!

What is an ultrasonic dental cleaning?

Scaling, also called root debridement, is the process of removing deposits from the surface of your teeth in order to prevent the buildup of tartar, plaque, and bacteria, all of which can cause cavities and decay. While many offices perform this process with small metal instruments, our dental hygienists use an ultrasonic approach to speed up the process. Using a hand tool that emits electromagnetic force to rapidly vibrate over the surface of your teeth, ultrasonic cleanings buff away stains and buildup from your teeth in rapid fashion, leaving them clean and bright.

During this treatment, your hygienist also utilizes a stream of water or antibacterial liquid to rinse away any residue from the ultrasonic process. The vibrations allow the water to form tiny bubbles that help break up and hinder bacteria.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleanings?

In addition to being a quicker process, you may also find an ultrasonic cleaning to be more comfortable than its traditional counterpart. After all, scaling tools can cause a bit of discomfort when used around the tender gum area, while an ultrasonic cleaning can gently reach those tight, sensitive areas.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, your hygienist may follow or precede your ultrasonic cleaning with hand scaling to ensure you leave with your healthiest possible smile. You can expect to leave our Laramie office with shiny, white and smooth teeth.

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