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Restore Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Why does a dentist recommend the placement of a dental crown? The reasons vary from patient to patient, but rest assured, this restoration features a track record of effectiveness and longevity. At Dr. Bruce Adams's office in Laramie, WY, your crown procedure will bring new life and usefulness to your damaged smile.

Just what is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped and naturally colored cap custom-crafted from fine porcelain. Cemented over remaining healthy enamel, a crown improves the strength, function, appearance, and longevity of a tooth damaged by decay, traumatic injury, poor shape/size, or infection.

Dentists, such as Dr. Adams in Laramie, use dental crowns instead of extracting a tooth. As a result, smiles remain bright and well-aligned, allowing people to bite, chew, and speak properly.

The American College of Prosthodontists reports crown placements in the US average more than two million each year—proof that this treatment really works. Plus, crowns are multi-faceted because they may be used to support fixed bridgework, restore dental implants, and complete root canal procedures.

The crown treatment

Dr. Adams determines the need for a crown with a complete oral examination and X-ray imaging. Some teeth need root canal treatment before they can be crowned. Others must be built up with filling material and/or a post so they withstand the pressures exerted during biting and chewing.

If the procedure is a go, Dr. Adams numbs the tooth and takes oral impressions for use at the dental lab. He removes all damaged enamel and filling material, shaping the remaining tooth structure to receive the crown. You will then wear a temporary crown while your final restoration is made.

When you return to the Laramie office, your dentist will remove the temporary dental crown and bond the new one over the tooth. Today's cements are exceptionally strong, and most crowns fit perfectly right away. At home, you'll become accustomed to your restored tooth very quickly.

Restore that tooth

You'll be so glad you did. Call Dr. Bruce Adams and his staff in Laramie, WY if you're concerned about the condition of one or more teeth. We'll be glad to help. Phone us at (307) 721-2900

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